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War Of The Peaces

Золюд, шерогие узиги у джурзы!

Этето - иммегда бизнятое тьемя пля мися, зето эстето - ное ексепчение. Олже, надего занематого ное гещеходило.

Она мисых кларсах инглезского олже эрыли холидикулы. Асам эластали ано ассание, релазанное кос штатриканскими саметними фиезниками Журнем Меморовения у Джорнём Унабхянгисимости. Ассание эрыло - наскрибсать квалко-ноебидь эбро грандикой ворне. Мис энтшил, зето мейочше зем грандикий чирсатель Leo N. Fatts осё эгалвно ное наскрибшешь. Ха хуто ное коноснает хиго мастерпевра - грандичайшей либриги эбро ворне? Велну, косли хуто ное коноснает - мис наримомню...

Leo N. Fatts. "War Of The Peaces". Book sinopsys.

It's 1836. The newborn state of Texas is being attacked by illegal aliens. The lives of several southern families get entangled in the hardships of the war. In the center of the narrative is Piter Devoidofears, the illegitimate son of a wealthy Count. He's married to his soon to be ex-wife Helen Driedapricott, but falls in love with young and beautiful Nataly Heights.
There is also Prince Andrew Ballhorsekey, who goes to war alongside Nataly's brother, Nikolas Heights. While they are at war, Helen's brother Tony Driedapricott unsuccessfully tries to court Andrew's sister, Mary Ballhorsekey.
The fire of the war is blazing stronger and stronger. Illegal aliens are using heat and water guns, giant tripods and other giant photo equipment transformed into war machines. The confederate army is being led by the old, clever and one-eyed General Jailcell. The evil commander of the alien forces Inthefieldhes Goodvrozz finds his match in Jailcell.
The plot thickens. Andrew Ballhorsekey meets Nataly and almost marries her, but that doesn't go through.
Meanwhile, the army is on the lookout. Corporal Mittens is keeping his spirits up. Cornet Bothonegin is pouring the wine. But the real deal starts only when corporal Ryeski gets there.
The war is firing on full cylinders. Peter becomes a witness of the great battle of the Alamo and the subsequent burning of Atlanta, while the wind of the war blows apart Devoidofears, Heights, Ballhorsekeys, Driedappricotts and other O'Haras. The wind of the war blows Prince Andrew to the alien territory, where he sees the bottomless sky of Chechen-Itza, becomes a changed man and subsequently dies. Piter, in his war-induced travels, meets a commoner named Plato Passtime, whos philosophy changes Piter's life. And many other things happen.
But in the end the illegal aliens miraculously get infected by the American Way Of Life and quietly assimilate.
The war is over. Piter and Nataly are left to pick up the pieces.

Коньд ореспекеньем, Гло Ку.
Tags: инглезский, штатериканские фиезники

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    остались в буднях карантинных на самом ближнем рубеже лишь дом и самоизолента в жж Коньд ореспекеньем, Гло Ку.

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    There is a cabin in the country Inside's a boy named Johnny B. Goode Ой, Жор, смотри - а там поганки Бегут! Коньд ореспекеньем, Гло Ку.

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    Коньд ореспекеньем, Гло Ку.

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